I worked and traveled with Mike from the time he started at Cardinal, doing seminars and sales presentations. He helped me with many CLE presentations to law firms. He arranged them and introduced me and then after my talk was finished, Mike took over. He told the attendees a little about our company and then answered all non-CLE related questions credibly and persuasively.

Mike is a very effective, ethical communicator, whether he is speaking in front of an audience or in a sales presentation. We went on many sales calls together and he was always credible and persuasive and he was very successful.

Mike played a key role in the development of Cardinal IP as a leading patent research firm, from selling the services to customers, to creating sales and customer service strategies for the sales staff. He was the second sales person hired in the company and he quickly understood our competitive advantage and used his persuasive skills to convince his boss to agree with his strategy for selling our services. His persistence paid off as it was an extremely successful approach.

Ron Andermann, former colleague

IP Attorney, formerly with Cardinal Intellectual Property, Inc., now with Cardinal Law Group

It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mike Sotak for several years, both when I was an attorney with a law firm and when I moved to an in-house legal position. When I moved in-house, there was an established “preferred provider” for patent searching and analysis matters. After working with the preferred provider for a short time, I realized how much I missed the excellent communication and responsiveness that I had enjoyed with Mike. I was able to point to the concrete benefits of working with Mike (e.g., excellent responsiveness to urgent matters, ease of communication when issues arose, clear billing expectations) and was able to convince my new company to let me continue working with Mike.

I probably wasn’t the easiest client to work with because of my special requests and short timelines.  Nonetheless, Mike always made me feel comfortable about contacting him for any reason, he always responded cheerfully and timely to my requests, and he always made sure my issues were resolved.

Ann Benjamin, former customer

Intellectual Property Lawyer, Cargill, Inc

I worked with Mike for many years at Cardinal. He is a very talented public speaker, communications strategist and sales leader.

Mike is also a teacher. He likes helping others and shares his knowledge freely. His speaking tips and advice have helped me become a better public speaker.

Brian Goddard, former colleague

Director of IP Services, Cardinal Intellectual Property, Inc.

Mike is a great leader- he has the ability to relate to a variety of people and knows how to communicate with them effectively.

Mike is willing to set an example and is an excellent teacher. His training gave me all the tools I needed to be successful in my job. He has experience teaching in a variety of settings including public speaking at a University level and he has also given presentations to law professionals. Anyone that not only has the ability to excel at public speaking but also help others do so in a creative and confident way is very talented.

Mike has a calm demeanor and is genuinely concerned with his coworkers’ professional and personal struggles and successes. He is a trusted source you can count on to advise you during any challenge.

Leah Moyers

former Account Manager (Sales) with Cardinal Intellectual Property, Inc., now Photographer, Leah Moyer Photography